Hogwarts Legacy: The Game Everyone Wanted, But Not The HP Game We Needed

The Wizarding World is getting back into the video games after a long hiatus away. Of course they have released a couple of mobile games: Wizards Unite(Harry Potter Go) & Hogwarts Mystery(copy & paste clue game). These can keep a fan entertained for approximately 3 hours when you’re laying awake in deep thought on how terrible the Order of the Phoenix movie really was. So after many years of an actual Harry Potter gaming title, we’re given small insights on what’s to come in 2021.

Hogwarts Legacy is open-world SINGLE PLAYER RPG set in the late 1800s. You’ll be able to customize your witch or wizard to your liking, cast spells, brew potions, yada yada yada. One thing is across the board though, you’ll hold the key to some “Ancient Magic” secrets. Will you share with your fellow peers, or take it to a more darker side. You’ll get to choose your own legacy this time around at Hogwarts.

So there we have it, everything we know officially about Hogwarts Legacy. Set to play on all new-gen consoles, PC, as well as PS4 & XboxOne; meaning everyone & their mother will be able to purchase this at launch(TBD). Everyone’s been clamoring, begging for a Harry Potter RPG. Finally it’s on the finishing laps towards the market, but is this the game to take us to the promised land of the Wizarding World? Survey(Tiggy) says no.

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not too excited about the game for a few reasons, but the most important is the “single player” aspect. Maybe I’m alone(ironic) here, but I like to enjoy my video games in the company of others. It makes me feel like I’m not a complete lonely loser, spending my weekends glaring at a screen as my rough eyesight turns glassy like Lily Evans’ did on October 31st, 1981. In this current era of games, almost everything is connected via the online. With the addition of cross-platform coming to so many big titles this past year, it’s easier than ever to play with anyone you’d like to…except for this new HP game. Maybe this game is gonna be geared to younger children, and that’s the effort for the single player setup? Maybe the studios are afraid if they leave it online, the Slytherin’s will start shouting “MUDBLOOD” at everyone? Also on that note, you just choose your house at the start of the game. No quiz. No personality test. No blood line check. Just choose who you want to party with & you’re munching down pastries at their head of the table. So there’ll be a total of 1 on the ole Hufflepuff benches & it’s Helga herself. And you’re starting as a 5th year late entry to top off the cake.


Now we’re finally to the point where I’m going to institute some changes I’d be making if I was calling the shots. First & foremost, you gotta take this thing online just a tad. Maybe don’t make it an MMO like WoW or Runescape, but more like Destiny & it’s a winner already. Have it so I can see maybe 20 people in Hogsmeade with me as I’m sucking down 12 Butterbeers. Also can have it so 4 people could explore the dungeons together & squash some trolls maybe. Almost everything’s better with a couple of buddies around to help. Next, if it’s gonna be online, everyone starts at Year 1. You gotta level up just like everyone else. Keep the grind alive. Can’t have everyone getting Stupefied right at the jump. Also, I’d love to win the House Cup against all my friends. Let me bask in the school wide fame as the jewels overflow from the Great Hall. Finally, and probably the most important need yet…Quidditch. It’s been 17 years since the fabled Quidditch World Cup game has been released. Sure the graphics obviously don’t hold up. The play mechanics are too simplistic. The rosters are clearly dated. So lets dust off this sport that’s been the best thing since sliced bread & put it to use. Yeah, I’m sure this legacy story will be some cool incredible shit; but after I save the school, what am I suppose to do? I want to fly around & play Quidditch with my friends.

Honestly, I’d rather just have the Quidditch & keep the story to the overprotected kids in their bubble wrap garments. That should’ve been the game we got. A full fledged Quidditch World Cup reboot with updated everything. Say what you want about EA Sports games, but they sell motherfucking units baby! Yeah for the most part it’s just a roster update with more sweat beating down the cover athletes face, but people buy em(me included). Add some legacy players like James Potter & Viktor Krum, and watch the microtransactions pay for the next 10 years of updates. So let’s give the Harry Potter fans a game you know they’ll love. Give us some balls & a couple of brooms, and watch the magic happen.


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