BREAKING: Nickmercs Inks “Monumental” Contract Extension To Continue Streaming Exclusively On Twitch

After nearly two weeks of anticipation, Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff – one of the biggest streamers and online presences in the world – has finally announced that he has indeed inked the life-changing deal he’s been teasing. And it’s not with YouTube Gaming, as many have speculated, but with Twitch.

After teasing a “monumental” deal, many fans and speculators pointed out that Nickmercs’ exclusivity deal with Twitch was signed roughly 2 years ago, and that it was very likely that a change (or at least a massive raise) was on the horizon. Now we know which of the two it was.

Nickmercs’ contract is most likely monumental in every sense of the word, though we don’t have hard details yet on the contract’s value. All I know is that we’re basically seeing streamers sign for major league sports money and extensions, and I love to see it.

Nick’s loyal MFAM was to sure to follow him wherever he went, but it turns out they don’t have to go anywhere. The massive community also recently traveled to Florida for a cookout with him. Most recently, Nick gathered his closest team members in Vegas for a UFC event, and awarded them each with a gorgeous gold chain featuring a pendant of his signature spartan helmet logo.

So we’ve got Nick handing out the new Roc-A-Fella chains for gaming to his staff, commanding droves of fans to follow him to Florida for a cookout, and now he’s inked a deal to continue growing on Twitch.

There’s no telling what’s next for Nickmercs, but clearly this is only the beginning.

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