The Creation of Overwatch Animated Short, “Rise and Shine”

Last night Blizzard Entertainment released a behind the scenes look at the making of Overwatch animated short, “Rise and Shine”. This short animation is all about Mei, the low key thicc ice chick. Her and her team were cut off from the rest of the world due to a crazy blizzard. After waking up from a 9 year cryostasis, Mei realizes that she is the only one left and with not much left at the station, heads out to carry on for her team. You bad ass bitch Mei. If you haven’t watched Rise and Shine you can watch it here

Watching the Blizzard staff talk about these Overwatch animated shorts gives me hope that company’s still give a shit and aren’t just trying to take your money. You can tell how much these guys and gals really care about their game and that’s awesome to see. With such a diverse group of hero’s, Blizzard figured that these shorts would be the best route into letting the community know where they came from. Do I agree with it? Absol-fucking-lutely. There’s tons of detail that go into each of these hero’s and their shorts. Blizzard, I solute you.

Side note, I’m not one to judge videogame characters but something about Mei is kind of hot. Thick rimmed glasses probably. I’m a sucker for those.


Also, let’s pour one out for Snowball (watch the video) #NoSpoilers

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