LaVar Ball Weasels His Way into NBA 2K18

Yes you heard that right. LaVar Ball will be included in NBA 2k18


Get the fuck out of here you bald dick head. I’m so sick of the Balls’ (alley-oop, go a head). But Jesus Christ, I was in my daily black hole on YouTube, listening to music, and then watching a video on how zebra’s mate, and before you know it I’m watching a realty show about the LaVar and the gang. Not for nothing, I like Lonzo and I think he’s gonna be great for the Lakers but LaVar being in NBA 2K18 might be the start of a shitty sell out. If 2k approached LaVar and offered him a healthy amount of dough for him to have a video game Twitter then how long until every D list celeb is in the game? Fuck, you’ll see Macaulay Culkin 2k tweeting “Hell of a game tonight @BigDickBaller, you da truth.” And folks, that is when I will hang up my 2K shoes.


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