Twitch’s “Social Eating” Channel is Absurd- Twitch Social Eating

Twitch recently released a new channel that people can stream on, Social Eating. This is just people sitting behind a camera with greasy fingers eating mediocre food and talking to people. Whatever happened to it being rude to watch others eat? Not anymore! Watch me jam these pizza rolls down my throat on live stream and talk about how my dad yelled at me for not taking the trash out yesterday. Or maybe talking about that awesome radio you bought from eBay yesterday for “a steal”. I’m sick.

The host of the serious gaming channel takes a break from gaming to eat a hot dog - in front of more than 400 online spectators - as part of Twitch's new social eating category.

Still cant believe it. Social Eating. With that being said, when is Twitch  going to make a “Social Drinking” channel. Oh man I would be all over that page like flies on shit. Nothing social about my drinking habits but I guarantee that myself, Rob, and Dom would be absolute GEMS to watch. Deleting light beer at an alarming pace and crushing Doritos. I mean, we pretty much do that every night anyway without anyone seeing.


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