Wicked Good Gaming Goes International @ DreamHack Montreal 2k17

The only way you wouldn’t know that your favorite local degenerates are officially going international, by covering DreamHack Montreal 2k17, is if you have been huddled up in a bomb shelter due to your crippling fears of the inevitable nuclear war with North Korea.  I can let you in on some great news, if you have missed it SOMEHOW.  We at Wicked Good Gaming will be covering as media, one of the biggest competitive gaming conventions in the western hemisphere.   We should be Avengers’ Assembling around 4 to begin the trek up to the Great White North, accompanied by one of our trusty photographers, Chris Mandracchia.  We typically record Not Another Gaming podcast every Thursday, so we may try to do a live recording tonight on the road so stay tuned for that.

What should you be expecting from us covering DreamHack Montreal?  I’m glad you asked.  Honestly…I plan on being drunk most of the time, but that only strengthens our journalistic integrity.  DreamHack is home to several eSports tounraments, FreePlay areas for down time, Cosplay events, Retro Gaming, Streaming, and Fan zones, as well as the coveted Bring Your Own Controller Tounraments which I plan on covering in my Bring Your Own Booze mentality, a dozen Bud Lights deep all thanks to one of the biggest sponsors being Budweiser.  Of course, there are only so many of us at Wicked Good Gaming, so we simply cannot cover everything, however I can almost promise you we will be delivering exclusive interviews and content in that special tangy flavor only your favorite Local Degenerates can deliver.  I just want to send a huge thanks to everyone who has been sticking around with us thus far.  Launching a website and a podcast is easy, but developing and growing a community of great followers and fans is a delicate process that we are always working on improving.  In an uncharacteristic blog Send It, I wanna give a quick shoutout to everyone whose been around since day 1 (Kung Fu Ken), all the fans we’ve garnered since launch, and all of the developers and event coordinators that gave us a shot.  We appreciate it as we take that next step into being more than Local Degenerates, but now International Degenerates.

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