Gaming Beds Are Now A Thing.. And This World is Doomed

Move over gaming chairs, and make room for the gaming bed. Japan’s Bauhutte – specializes in making gaming focused furniture and they are piecing together their items around the outside of a bed – to form said gaming bed. And I’ve never been more worried for this world. But I think I need one of these? Am I part of the problem?

All the essentials are here, man. You have a dual monitor set up, an arm for holding a tablet while you lay in bed, multiple desks and stands for keyboards and all other knick knacks, a designated energy drink shelf that has the space to hold enough Monster’s to put a large mammal into cardiac arrest, and please don’t forget about the wearable gaming blanket (that look comfy as shit, I might add).

<Desk games>
<Desk games>

The wild thing is, is these will be sold. And sold pretty well. There is a market for ridiculous, and expensive set ups. There isn’t a price for this package, but if you piece them together individually, and on your own, you’re looking at a pretty penny. Pay for shipping to the states, and you’re having sleep for dinner for the next 2 years.

You could even get creative and find a way to attach a bathroom so you can just shit from the comfort of your bed without soiling your sheets. This world is something else. Our ancestors probably thought we’d be doing amazing shit in 2020. Hanging in different planets, cruising the city in airborne cars.. But nope. They’re rolling in their graves. We are finding the ways to be the laziest people who have ever walked the earth. And as a lazy guy myself, I’m here for it.

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