Valorant Gameplay and Confirmed Characters. I Don’t Know What to Think

I was amped last night because I knew that Valorant was going to be dropping some info after the press embargo was lifted. Only thing, was that it was at midnight. I thought EST. But boy was I wrong. It was PST, so I had to be ready at 3 AM. I wasn’t happy, but I set my alarm, and inevitably slept through three before waking up at 4:30. But I woke up to a shit ton of news on the most hyped game of all time, Valorant – previously known as Project A, developed by Riot Games – coming to us Summer of 2020.

Here’s the gameplay, and then we can get into the nitty gritty.

It has potential, is all I can really say right now. I don’t know exactly what to think of it to keep it all the way 100 with you guys. It’s Counter Strike and Overwatches child which from the sidelines sounds unreal. There are a shit ton of mechanics that are inspired by the best esport ever, CSGO.

Always been a been fan of ecosystems in competitive games. Gives a whole other layer to the onion that forces you to be smart and not just run and gun. It also looks like the buy menu is pretty straight forwards and doesn’t look like a fat man in a little coat.

And as of right now, there are eight characters that are confirmed playable.

Agile, and evasive. Taking out enemies that didn’t even see it coming

  • Cloudburst – Throw out a cloud of fog that blocks vision whereever it lands.
  • Updraft – Launch yourself upwards after a quick pause
  • Signature Ability: Tailwind – Quick dash in whatever direction you’re moving
  • Blade Storm (ult) – Go wild with several throwing knives. You can throw one at a time, or all remaining on in a short burst. Moderate damage but kill on headshots. Replenish your daggers when you get a kill.

Aggressive character that uses fire to rush into combat and show the other players who’s boss

  • Hot Hands – Throw a fireball that engulfs a small area. Deals damage to enemies but heals you.
  • Blaze – Summon a wall of fire
  • Signature Ability: Curveball – Throw a flash bang that curves around corners (sick)
  • Run it Back (ult) – Marks your current location with a short timer. When the timer expires, or you die, you respawn at that spot with full health

Big fan of gas and toxic shit – made to disorient the enemy

  • Snakebite – Projectile that turns into damaging acid
  • Poison Cloud – Throw a gas bomb that turns into a cloud of posionous smoke at the cost of fuel. You can pick it back up and use it again after short cool down
  • Signature Ability: Toxic Screen – Creates a line of gas emitters that create a wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel
  • Viper’s Pit (ult) – Trap enemies within a poisonous cloud that blankets a large area

Bow and arrow guy that can help you track enemy movements

  • Shock Bolt – Bolt that lets off burst of static energy on impact damaging enemies
  • Owl Drone – Flying drone that can scout the map and fire darts that give away enemy positions
  • Signature Ability: Recon Bolt – Arrow that emits sonar waves and reveals enemies as long as it isn’t destroyed
  • Hunter’s Fury (ult) – Up to three energy blasts that go through walls and travel the length of the map – giving near fatal damage to all enemies and revealing their positions

Spy that can lure enemies into deadly traps and giving away their movements

  • Trapwire – A tripwire that goes between two walls and reveals and restrains enemies who cross it for a short time. Can be picked up and reused
  • Cyber Cage – Trap that slows enemies down when activated. Can be detonated all at once, or one at a time
  • Signature Ability: Spycam – Remote camera that is manually operated to fire darts at enemies to give up their locations
    Neutal Theft (ult) – Steal intel from a dead enemy which reveals the location of everyone else on their team

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Lets it rain from above that creates smokescreens and damages enemies

  • Incendiary – Incendiary grenade that coats are area in flames
  • Stim Beacon – This beacon gives any player nearby a boost to fire speed. Select the area to place it
  • Signature Ability: Sky Smoke – Use your map to call in multiple smokescreens
  • Orbital Strike (ult) – Orbital strike that hits a targeted area repeatedly over a few seconds

The medic

  • Slow Orb – An orb that slows any enemy that passes through it. They can’t jump, and give off a loud noise when they move through it
  • Barrier Orb – A large, impassable wall
  • Signature Ability: Healing Orb – Heals you or an ally over a few seconds
  • Resurrection (ult) – Revive an ally to full health
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No picture yet.. hmm

Fucks with the enemies mind. Teleport and blinds enemies

  • Paranoia – A shadow clone that moves in a straight line and blinds any enemy it touches
  • Shadow Walk – Teleport a short distance
  • Signature Ability: Dark Cover – A blinding sphere that is launched
  • From The Shadows (ult) – You can teleport anywhere on the map – but takes a few seconds to complete. Shade shows up at your destination and the enemy can cancel your teleport by killing it. After teleporting you are invincible for a short time.

And there you have it. A quick little snapshot of Valorant. There are flavors of some of my favorite multiplayer games in there. CSGO, Apex Legends, Overwatch – and probably more that I’m not even picking up on yet. We have a few months to wait, but I’m excited to learn more about the game that people are quitting their pro teams for already. People are changing there Twitter bios to “Pro Valorant Player for ??” – which is bananas. The game isn’t even out yet, chill out cousin. But I see this game barging into the competitive scene. Everyone will have mixed emotions, but that is mine and I stand by it.

Will keep everyone posted with more info when it comes available. Happy Monday, hoes.

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