Ninja Tore Up The Runway During New York Fashion Week

There’s another check that Tyler Blevins can add to his extensive resume. The guy games, designs shoes with Adidas, creates action figures, and now is ripping up one of the worlds biggest annual fashion shows. And I’m probably missing a shit ton of things that Ninja is doing. But I don’t have that much time to list the mans accomplishments. The blue haired hot head that was once just another someone on the internet, is now bigger than life.

The last man that was able to hit the blue steel that hard was Derek Zoolander. Ninja looks like a natural up there. That fluorescent, shining head of hair, that chiseled jaw line. Oh my lanta. Is there anything he can’t do? I mean, look at this strut. Move over Tyra Banks, and make room for Tyler B – terrible joke, I haven’t had coffee yet. But we’re gonna roll with it.

video via Adam Kudeimati

I would have cried if he slam transitioned into the floss at the bottom of the runway. I kinda wish he did so I’d be able to joke around but how can you joke when it was an incredible runway debut? I cannot help but stan.

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