Twitch Streamer GiantWaffle Streamed For 573 Hours Last Month. Breaking the Record

After streaming for more than 19 hours a day, and sleeping about four hours a night; Twitch streamer Andrew “GiantWaffle” Bodine has broken the record for the most hours streamed in a month.

GiantWaffle brought in 10,000 subscribers during this time with around three million hours watched. This made him the 15th most watched channel on Twitch.

There are a lot of cool records you can break in the world. Longest motorcycle wheelie, biggest pizza ever made, most chainsaws juggled while stranding on the edge of a mountain, and the list goes on. But I feel like this one is just a oh-that’s-crazy record, but not anything you’d tell anyone. Like at a bar, you’re talking to a girl and she says “tell me something interesting about yourself” so you respond with “I’m the record holder for the most hours ever live streamed in a month. Next month I’m going for 700 hours so if this works out I can probably only see you for one hour a week until January.”

Personally, I can’t picture myself live streaming for hundreds of hours. It’s exhausting and sometimes I just want to rip ass without getting clipped. Imagine all the held in farts GiantWaffle had during this time? My lord. At the end of a 19 hour stream day that man must have filled the house with methane.

Congrats GiantWaffle – truly impressive.

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