Everything Sucks: Fantasy Flight Games Sees Mass Layoffs, Effectively Killing Their RPG Division

Per a confirmed d20radio report and inside news from Reddit, Fantasy Flight Games delivered sweeping layoffs today, effectively killing their RPG division. As confirmed by the studio’s former director – Fantasy Flight Interactive is also shutting its doors.

This is obviously horrible news. Layoffs are always a tragedy, and Fantasy Flight has been one of my favorite RPG publishers in recent years. Their officially licensed Star Wars Roleplaying system has been a staple in my gaming group for years now, and I’ve run three different campaigns using their myriad sourcebooks that each cover different eras in the Star Wars series.

d20Radio’s report suggests that while they’re not sure why Fantasy Flight Games would end their production of roleplaying games (since neither FFG or Asmodee, their parent company, have issued any statements), they speculate that Asmodee may be preparing to sell FFG entirely. They have had success in the board game and collectible card game markets as well, so it could also be realistic that they’re just focusing their efforts on their biggest cash cows.

Regardless of the reason, you never like to see layoffs happen, regardless of industry. My most heartfelt wishes and best hopes for success go out to those affected by these layoffs today. Here’s hoping the incredible talents lost at FFG will be acknowledged and hired by other companies soon.

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