Cooking Mama is BACK March 2020. Cooking Mama: Cookstar

March 2020 was already going to be the best month of my life. But now it’s confirmed. I don’t see getting married or having a child ever topping this time in my life. First Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and then Cooking Mama: Cookstar for the Nintendo Switch? Dropping it out of the clouds and I’ve never been more excited. But I’m also scared to what it’s going to do for ACNH being game of the year 2020. Now there’s real competition. I’m a little worried that Cooking Mama is going to swoop in with it’s extremely vibecentic cooking game and steal the show. Some of us will be on our island, designing custom tents, while some of us are overcooking a grilled cheese. There can’t be both. It’s just not right. But as a video game journalist I get the hall pass for that. The world will be divided. Backstreet Boys vs *NSYNC, East Coast vs West Coast, all over again.

Catch me getting baked on a Thursday night and baking some fresh chocolate chip cookies on my Nintendo Switch. 3 star city because you know ya boy ain’t messing around. Heading home from the bar early so I can fire up my virtual smoker and make some brisket so it’s ready for the morning. This is my ultimate guilty pleasure game and I’m here now to publicly announce that I won’t contain my excitement anymore. I am a Cooking Mama Stan, and I’ll yell it from the rooftops.

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