The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the first COD Modern Warfare 2 LAN today

The Los Angeles Dodgers took this morning to have a little fun while celebrating their ongoing franchise setting win record this season, 110 Ws currently. Some folks from Call of Duty showed up today at Dodger Stadium to put together a small LAN previewing their new iteration of the franchise Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 out October 28, 2022. Most of us got the opportunity the play the MW2 Beta in previous weekends, but these athletes are pushing the limit to prepare themselves for their toughest test yet. Many of the players weren’t able to participate in it, so this was their first real look & feel to the future title. I was able to chat with one of LA’s finest, starting pitcher Michael Grove, to get his thoughts on the event & game.

Tiggy – Hey Mike, thanks for taking the time! I know you’re busy out there training so let’s get to the meat & potatoes. What was your first thought coming into the field today? Were you prepared to play some Call of Duty with your teammates?

Mike – “It definitely wasn’t on my itinerary, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t licking my chops to get in on the action.”

T – How was the structure of the LAN? Was it 6v6 playing some pubs, or more competitive?

M – “We were playing 5v5 Team Deathmatch, but that didn’t lower the competitiveness. Guys were going hard. The highest kill leader in a game won a PS5.”

T – That sounds like a blast. Who’d you end up teaming with & how’d you fair?

M – “I think Tony(Gonsolin) & Kimbrel(Craig) were close while we waited; but honestly, I was locked in when the game started so can’t be too sure. I just remember putting up 19 Kills & winning the match pretty handily.”

I Just remember putting up 19 Kills & winning the match pretty handily

– michael Grove

T – 19 Kills is pretty impressive considering you haven’t had a chance to play this yet. Think it’ll be enough for that PS5?

M – “Yeah, it took a while to get honed in on the spawns, but after that I was wheeling. I heard Muncy(Max) dropped 27 Kills in his outing though.”

T – First time playing this installment from Call of Duty. What are your initial thoughts?

M – “I definitely didn’t hate it. They had the standard settings of motion blur, and the tac nades were crazy. Hopefully I can change some of these when the game officially drops. Other than that, I liked the time to kill & general movement.”

T – Any talk of the Call of Duty League over there by chance?

M – “I actually asked one of the guys there about the third game mode, but he didn’t have a clue.”

T – I appreciate all the time today Michael. Excited to see your next time on the mound!

M – “No problem, have a great one.”

Well there you have it folks. A look into the first COD Modern Warfare II LAN this year. Such a cool thing for Call of Duty to go across the street & give these athletes a chance to take a breather. Still allowing them to be competitive, but also a chance to be human & have some fun. A little disappointing about the “not knowing about CDL”, but maybe the guy was playing it close to the vest & didn’t want any info to slip. Either way, I’m always excited for the newest Call of Duty no matter how upset it might make me playing it.

Big shout out to Michael Grove of the LA Dodgers for taking the time to answer a couple questions. He’s started 6 games this season in the big leagues, while appearing in 1 other in relief. Posting a 1-0 W/L 4.6 ERA with 29.1 IP and 24 Ks with a WHIP of 1.43. I know, a lot of baseball mumbo jumbo, but you can find him on his socials below.




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