Ultimate Rivals: The Court Finally Gets An Explosive Reveal Trailer

We’ve been waiting for a full reveal trailer for Bit Fry Games’ – creators of Ultimate Rivals: The Rink – next title for a while.

We’ve seen some tech demos, heard chatter on the internet streets, and have even spoken to Bit Fry’s CEO on our podcast to try and pick his brain. So far, all we got was a Chris P. spelling bee. Today, we finally got it.

Today, without further delay or much ado – we’ve finally got a first look at the surprisingly dystopian, effortlessly cool, official first look at what the game has in store.


So not only did we get a tease that the iconic Tim Kitzrow (the voice over guy from the original NBA Jam) is returning to the game in some fashion, but we also got a peek at the game’s backstory.

I certainly was not expecting a full-on dystopian simulation backdrop for the game, but it would certainly explain why the game’s athletes are all playing in one arena. I really hope we get a brief story mode or at least some more lore when the full game releases.

Ultimate Rivals: The Court launches this year on Apple Arcade, and will arrive to Steam and other consoles further down the road.

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