Grow Up Gamers- Stop Casual Gaming

I’m getting a little sick of “casual” gamers. No your mobile game on you iPhone doesn’t count as an actual game to me. If you put hundreds of hours into a game like The Sims, you really need to just go outside and live your own fucking life. The gaming industry hasn’t come this far to spend hard earned money on games that have no challenge to them and hold your hand throughout. Fucking sack up gamers, you’re all getting a little too lax and Drill Sergeant Rob is here to get you back in line.


Step 1. Delete every mobile game off of your phone

Step 2. Burn every copy of any Sims game you own

Step 3. Buy a leather jacket

Step 4. Go to Gamestop and demand every game in the Souls Series

Step 5. Shutout society and complete the Souls Series

There you have it folks. 5 easy steps on kicking your “casual” gaming habits and reintegrating yourself back into true gaming society.

Dr. Bob

Friendly Neighborhood physicist who just so happens to enjoy drinking 12 beers and playing videogames all night. Always streaming at

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