Pokémon GO: Never Ending Content

Pokémon GO is still one of the biggest mobile apps ever opened, even after 4+ years since launch. Adding different regions throughout, raid battles, battle leagues, mega evolutions, they just don’t stop. Even after one of their biggest events, Pokémon GO Tour, we find ourselves with endless content on our hands.

Assuming everyone played into the GO Tour 2 weeks ago, you’ll be finishing/finished with your Shiny Ditto & Shiny Mew special researches with no timetable to complete. Which is great & allows you to take a small breather to go casually through it. Then we get hit with a “Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto Bonus Event” for more additional Mew candies. Not even to mention we’ve just begun the 3 month “Season of Legends”, where every week we’re given new Legendary raids to complete. The first 3 weeks are the Incarnate Forme Forces of Nature(Landorus, Tornadus, & Thundurus) from Gen 5. Also tomorrow we have a Fletchling community day, in which we’ll have more spawning around, and given special rewards for catching, releasing & evolving within the time frame.

I know this sounds like a long ramble of pokimanes general mills berry blast cereal spilling from my mouth, but that’s how big Pokémon continues to be in the year 2021. I picked PoGO back up at the start of quarantine & it’s been a blast to run through so much content. I also believe the way they continue to bring in new events in a timely fashion makes it so much grabbing day in & day out. I’m a huge whore for the weekly raids, and fortunately got to get a few in with Founding Father Dom. So if anyone needs another for some gift-sending, raids, etc. feel free to reach out & add me cause I guarantee I’ll be online like the rest of you trainers. End blog.

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