Rampant “Penguin e-sex” Plagues Club Penguin Online Servers

Nothing will ever replace the memories created on Club Penguin. There was just something amazing about hosting dance parties in the igloo you spent hours trying to design. Whether you were a sled race master, Card-Jitsu master, the ultimate tour guide, and of course a puffle mom/dad. 

So when I heard there was going to be a Club Penguin clone I shook in my sleep with anger. The audacity of those in charge of Club Penguin Online to try to recreate something beloved by all and call it the same thing. Club Penguin Online was the most popular of the clones reaching numbers north of 7 million users.

Deleted tweet via BBC

Come to find out Club Penguin Online was very different from that of its predecessor. With content filters disabled, members of the Clone’s community have noted an uptick in racist, antisemitic, and homophobic slurs. To top it off there has been a number of reports claiming “rampant penguin e-sex”. Wait what? Pause… what in the actual *expletive* is wrong with some people. 

via BBC

With this type of behavior happening, Disney has issued DMCA claims against a number of Club Penguin clones calling for it to shut down all servers. This ultimatum has come as news of one of the men in charge of Club Penguin Online has been charged with possessing child abuse images.

*As of writing this all servers have been shut down as of May 15th* 

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