Lenovo Female Only CSGO Event Infiltrated By Man Dressed Up As Woman

Dexerto: A competitive CS:GO player was found to have dressed up as a woman in an attempt compete in Lenovo’s Legion of Valkyrie event – a female-only tournament.

Lenovo’s Legion of Valkyrie event featured an all-female online CS:GO tournament where 32 teams get the chance to compete for a $1,000 prize pool.

The tournament had implemented preventive measures to prevent identity fraud and stop males from competing, such as requiring players to play with a camera on during their matches.

Beautiful flowing black hair with a perfect part down the middle, a mask to be safe in today’s climate and a pair of glasses.. She’s got documentation!

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Well that was until the refs got a little suspicious, and asked this lovely young woman to please remove her mask.

via @PanYijingFlora

Busted. But I can’t help but respect the hustle. With a G on the line you have to call in your big guns. Maybe this was someones brother who they knew was an absolute stud, and the team really needed the money. So this is where creativity comes in. Throw that wig on queen, and frag out. But, the team didn’t make it out of the first round due to disqualification. Would have been an unreal story if they won the event and then the winnings got revoked because they found out he was a man.

Would have been just like when Bernese fucked over Troop 417 for taking steroids and beaver tranquilizers.

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