Two Young Twitch Streamers Banned For Snorting Ketamine on Stream

Two British Twitch streamers were sitting outside together while live streaming. One taking puffs of her bong, while the other takes a bump of something out of her fingernail. Which was finally identified when they said..

“Why is there just old people [unintelligible], what are they looking at? What they looking at man, i’m just trying to snort some ket.”

For those who don’t know – Katamine is a medicine that is used for starting or maintaining anesthesia and induces a trance-like state.

After the video went viral on LiveStreamFails, the account was banned which is obviously due to breaking Twitch’s TOS. But that didn’t stop them. They’ve now begun streaming under a new account “zoinkedtv”. Usually I wouldn’t even give them any sort of recognition – but in this case I am, because I want everyone reading this to go report these fucking air heads on Twitch. As of now the account is still active and i’ll update as more information becomes available.

First Video
New Account Video

How stupid can you be? Who in their right mind can go on a live streaming platform and broadcast themselves banging Ketamine? Streaming platforms are getting younger and younger by the day and the last thing I’d ever want is a kid stumbling into this stream to see these two weirdos snorting shit. It’s not right for anyone to see, keep that shit behind closed doors if you’re dumb enough to do it.

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