What I Want to See from MW4

Starting in February of this year, rumors that Modern Warfare 4 will be the 2019 installment of the COD franchise have been popping up. Of course it’s not the first time the game has been rumored, but many sources (google first page) are confirming that there is a very strong possibility the Modern Warfare series will be returning this year. As a COD junkie, whose first real online multiplayer experience was COD4, I am beyond stoked. Here are a few things id like to see from MW4 if it is really going to be released this year.

To start things off, I want nothing more than strong run and gun gameplay. Nothing screams Call of Duty more than buttery smooth gunplay, quick TTK, and fast gameplay. I’d like to see the developers stick to their roots and give us COD heads less technology bullshit and more straight up gun fighting. I feel as if the recent class system in COD has low key killed the straight up gun vs gun and has added a lot of reliability on special abilities you have with the classes in the game. It definitely adds depth to the game, but in the case of a “MODERN” (double emphasis on modern) warfare game, I don’t want to see a dude with a jackhammer flying through the air or any other bullshit like that.

This is wishful thinking, but I’d like to see some map variety in the new Modern Warfare game. I don’t know how many more ship wreck, desert, or beach maps I can withstand, and it would be nice to just see something different. Of course map geography is limited in a modern based war game, but even if the traditional 3 route map is tweaked, I think it would be beneficial as it would give more freshness to a game that has been seen before.

Another feature I’d like to see implemented into MW4 is an easily accessible competitive mode. So many new games are implementing in game competitive playlists, and I think it would really benefit COD if you could separate from casual playlists and have the ability to join clans and compete in competitive playlists . It would add so much more depth to the multiplayer forefront and increase longevity of the multiplayer life. My biggest comparison is Fortnite, and how they have implemented competitive play, without hindering its normal casual game modes. If we could see a dedicated competitive ranked system in COD, I think thousands of serious players would sink many more hours into the game, and help build a more solid community outside of professional play.

Unpopular opinion coming in, but I really fucking hope there isn’t a Battle Royal mode in the new COD. As popular as the genre is in today’s gaming universe, I really hope COD just sticks to its guns and focuses on their strongpoints. Black Ops 4 introduced so many new game modes for the COD franchise, heist being my personal favorite. If they weren’t so distracted on trying to topple the Fortnite giant, i believe many other fresh and exciting game modes could have been released. I hope nothing more than for MW4 to be focused on team vs team gameplay, and I hope they’re able to bring Heist and other game modes back. Instead of going with what’s popular, I’m hoping MW4 can differentiate itself from other similar games and focus on game modes that rely on team efforts and simply being better than the guy you’re shooting at.

Although it’s only rumored right now, I think MW4 could seriously fucking bring COD back to what it used to be. I can only hope they don’t get distracted by trying to compete in the battle royal genre and focus on what COD does best, run and gun gameplay. If you’re excited about MW4 possibly releasing this year, smash the fucking share button and leave a comment on what you’d like to see from this years COD.

-Big Lex

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