Hearthstone Works On My Flight Right Now And Folks We Are Officially In The Future

So I’m sitting here after a long, exhausting quarter. Your boy has been burning the candle on both ends for a while now, well, three ends – with work, family, and WGG related things. I know we’re not always the most consistent, but I like to think that when we’re on, we’re really on. And here now is where I find myself enjoying the fruits of my labor – an all-expenses paid trip to a tropical location with my wife. This blog is being typed at 30,000 feet or whatever it is because the grind don’t stop and, quite frankly, because this cold brew is absolutely smacking.

On to the content of the blog though, and that’s that I just spent the last hour grinding Hearthstone ranked ladder while on this flight. What? Gaming? On a plane? You read that right folks. I haven’t attempted this in a while, so I don’t know how often it works (your results may vary), but I just enjoyed some crispy smooth online play with Hearthstone while on a flight over the ocean. THE FUTURE IS NOW OLD MAN!!!

I’ve got a guess as to how/why this worked, Hearthstone probably consumes a lot less bandwidth than any other online game, since you’re taking turns and what’s on the board is on the board until data needs to be exchanged again. I would imagine that all the animations and effects are pre-loaded, so they don’t need to be as reliant on streaming those effects or reactions as any other game might be. That being said, I’ve explored a few Reddit threads with people who said they couldn’t get it to work at all, so maybe it’s a luck of the draw thing and still isn’t guaranteed depending on the nature and location of the flight or plane.

Having said all that, I’m pumped that this works – and I’m looking forward to playing some more later on… I’ve got like 6 more hours to kill after all. Whizbang’s Workshop is already fun as hell, and I’m really enjoying the new cards. Try this out on your next flight and let me know if it works! Just a heads up, I did have to purchase the onboard wifi (it was like 8 bucks), but in my opinion… That’s money well spent.

See ya on the other side folks!

Papa Dom

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