Bungie’s Developer Livestream Series Continues To Rock My Balls Off, Reveals Lots of New ‘Into The Light’ Goodness

For the last couple of weeks, Bungie has been hosting Developer Livestreams that have, as far as I can tell, been received with near-critical acclaim. The clarity, hype, and information these conversations have brought to fans has been super enjoyable, even for me as a player who is returning after a really long time away.

Here’s the link to the most recent livestream, with a quick breakdown after the jump:

In summary, we’ve got:

  • Two returning, and reworked, Exotic missions for some fan-favorite weapons
  • A bunch of other cool weapons and armor arriving with the BRAVE arsenal
  • More new multiplayer maps than we’ve received at any one given time since Destiny 2’s launch
  • Probably a bunch more than I missed

Listen man. I know Bungie’s had some flak coming their way in the last year or so. Most of it… I’ll give it to ya, they’ve probably earned. But goddamn if Into The Light isn’t one of the biggest heaping helping of “we love you, we promise, and we want to make it up to you” that I’ve ever seen. And know what? I’m buying it. I’m buying all of it. I’m so fucking pumped to mow down the forces of the Witness with Tiggy and the boys it’s unbelievable. I may even bring my Xbox with me to Hawaii, that’s how fired up I am. My wife will be bullshit, but it’s okay.

Eyes up Guardian, Into The Light drops on Tuesday. I’ll be on it as soon as I’m back from vacation.

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