PAX East New Date Will Have Warm(er) Weather in Boston

PAX East has historically been held around March or April. Almost all of which I can recall have had frigid weather, rain, or snow for many years. I can only remember maybe one PAX since 2012 where I didn’t need a large coat or jacket. Future PAX East’s may no longer have that issue since the next one is coming in May!

March and April in Boston historically are around 40 degrees Fahrenheit between the months. With the new dates on May 8th-11th, announced at the end of PAX East this year it should be around the high 50s to 60s, a much more light jacket-friendly temperature, with no more need for a coat check.

It’s Always Sunny in Boston

This year in 2024, PAX was cold, windy, rainy even. Walking around Boston was a chore, and our very own WGG patron Tiggy did not have a proper jacket for the weather. The poor guy was cold and wet from the unexpected horrid conditions. Dom, the leader of the pack for Wicked Good Gaming, lamented about an Uber instead of walking through the wind and rain. Which you can see in the video below.

Pax East and Boston Weather Should Play Nice Next Year

Our PAX however was not tarnished by the storm and cold temperatures, the afterparties were lit, the games were fun, and we took some great footage for you to see coming soon! Some of which are already out! The WGG fam is looking forward to seeing you at what will inevitably be the warmest PAX East ever!


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