Turns Out I Should Post My Blogs Faster, Because Bungie Already Fixed ‘Into The Light’ Weapon Schedule Following Fan Outcry


I just posted this blog that I originally wrote last night and forgot to post before going to bed, and it turns out it’s already out of date.

Bungie Snatches Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory, Timegates Everything Exciting About New ‘Into The Light’ Destiny 2 Update – Wicked Good Gaming

In this blog, I reported that fans were pissed about the upcoming Into the Light update’s weapon release schedule, which originally carried an absurd timegating mechanism that would prevent players from accessing all of the returning BRAVE Arsenal until May 21st, more than a full month after the update’s April 9th arrival. Due to the deluge of fan backlash since this was announced in yesterday’s This Week In Destiny, Bungie has directly responded via their X page and adjusted that release schedule accordingly.

The thread of posts on X is pretty long, so I can’t post all of them here – but you should click into the one I embedded above and read them all anyway, because what Bungie is doing to make this right is really great. It all pretty much is summed up in one of their posts in the middle of the thread, which reads: “…Even if you don’t have a lot of free time, you’ll be able to walk out of Destiny 2: Into the Light with a limited-edition variant of all 12 BRAVE weapons with excellent rolls and over a month to complete these straightforward quests.”

That’s all we ever wanted Bungie, and we appreciate you listening. This is the type of shit I’m talking about, and I am 100% back onboard again. Sorry for posting the late blog, love you!

Destiny 2: Into the Light arrives on April 9th, and is free to all players.

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