Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 Teaser Leak. Here Come the Trains

It seems that Infinity Ward sent over the first season 5 teaser to Nickmercs, who showed it to stream not too long ago. Here’s the clip from Nick’s stream.

So, the video isn’t the biggest teaser in the world. But it’s a start, as teases should be. A build up to the final product. But what it seems like is there’s a train coming. And if I shut my eyes and push really hard I can see that this train has loot on it just like Apex Legends. That theory has been flying around the internet for a few weeks, and it makes the most sense. My guess is there will be some sort of event with the train, and then it will become a part of Verdansk for looting and transportation. If we’re going off of the time on the video, this would happen on August 5th.

Where Cod 2020 at tho?

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