I Got Drunk and Ate 20 McNuggets as Fast as I Could

It was a Tuesday night. I was out enjoying the weather watching a men’s softball game, taking a few cold pops for a ride. You know, the average weekday of a twenty something. The night dwindled and we all went our own ways. So I was home, hungry, and bored. So what did I do? I challenged myself. alone in my room, to see how fast I could eat 20 chicken(?) nuggets.

2 minutes 29 seconds. I’m happy with my performance. I think I could have done it faster if I wasn’t recording but we all know if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, it didn’t happen. So I was just recording the proof. But if the cameras weren’t rolling I would have gotten ugly for a better time. Maybe even dip the nuggets in water like the pro eaters do.

How am I feeling this morning you might ask? There is a boulder in my stomach and I shit 3 times already. I’ve been better. But i’ll push through it. Next time I’m going for 2 minutes flat.

Chris P.

Drinker of booze, writer of blogs, tweeter of tweets, puncher of desks.

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