BloodRayne May be Making a Comeback

That’s right everyone in your mid 20s to early 30s, one of your earliest gaming crushes may in fact be making a return. I remember growing up, having to go next door to my older friend, Corey’s house to watch him play all the Mature games. My over bearing parents saw my sisters and I enter a fairy fountain in Ocarina of Time and I thought they’d tape over half the TV screen. The list started with the Resident Evil franchise, expanded into GTA then found it’s way to the uber gore, over sexualized vampire games like Legacy of Kain (please come back to me) and BloodRayne. While we may never truly see a Legacy of Kain revival, there has at least been some BloodRayne news.

A few weeks back, Ziggurat Interactive purchased the BloodRayne license from Majesco. Ziggurat are planning to work in tandem with the original developers at Terminal Reality to “improve compatibility and provide various enhancements on PC platforms”. Outside of this, they plan to further expand the BloodRayne universe. What does this all mean? As of right now we should be expecting updates coming to the PC versions of the game, and can hold out some hope for future installments into the franchise. In this current state of HD Remakes, Reboots, and Remasters, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same treatment go the way of BloodRayne, and in all honesty… I kinda wanna see Rayne updated in HD.

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