Marvel The Punisher Official Trailer 2 — Woah Baby

Just a few short minutes ago, Netflix dropped the second and most recent Punisher Trailer. I for one get pretty concerned when I hear of Marvel coming out with a new movie, just because I don’t want them to fuck up and get ripped apart. Now we are going to have a Punisher movie in 2017, and I’m jazzed about it. If The Punisher’s first trailer didn’t get you pumped up enough I’m sure this one will do the trick. And we are here to give you a first hand look at it below:


The Punisher is expected to come to theaters on November 17, 2017


What a trailer to get you stiff huh? Frank Castle just smashing heads to Metallica. If this trailer doesn’t get you fired up then you need to be institutionalized.

Also, Jon Bernthal is a perfect Frank Castle/Punisher. He just looks like a super nice guy that you know can snap at any moment. So you just kind of stand clear of him, you know?


the punisher trailer






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