Official Call of Duty WWII Live Action Trailer – “Reassemble!” is Actually… Funny?

With a little over two weeks before Call of Duty WWII drops, the anticipation is built a little thicker by dropping a Live Action Trailer. “Get your squad together” is the theme of the whole thing. Let’s get real. Majority of the stinky nerds that are going to be pumping weeks into this game don’t have a “squad”. I’m speaking from experience. And I’m not saying this just because they play video games and lack social skills, even though it’s a valid point. I’m saying this because like myself, no one I know will sit on a new game until their eyes are bloodshot and body smells like fresh feta and have to be scraped off the chair like week old Hubba Bubba. Well, maybe besides Dom, and Rob.. Check out the Call of Duty WWII live action trailer below:

First off, this is 2017. Wouldn’t a group chat be a little more sufficient? Also, 8 people??? Have fun playing Ground War, nerds.

Maybe it’s because it’s 8 AM on a Monday but I actually really liked this live action trailer. It’s different compared to just dropping spread out in game trailers. At least they kept it realistic with the group of friends. A little geek who has it all put together, a loser in a Hawaiian and leather jacket combo, a guy with a porn stache crushing potato chips at a local 7/11, a good guy with a family who hates his life, a dude getting in bar fights at 32 years old and refuses to grow up, a chick that can’t stop popping out kids, a girl who married a professional athlete because when everyone thought he was fat she just thought he was big boned.

What did you guys think of the Call of Duty WWII live action trailer? Should more games do this? Go pre-order your game now


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