NFL’s Logan Ryan Compares Tom Brady to Bowser, Brady Responds In True GOAT Fashion

Everybody knows that Tom Brady is the GOAT. In this humble man’s not-so-humble opinion, he’s the greatest to ever touch a football. His friends know it, his enemies know it, and his critics know it.

Even Logan Ryan, who intercepted Tom Brady’s last pass as a New England Patriot last year – and who was on both New York Giants squads that defeated Brady in two Super Bowls – knows it.

He’s not wrong, folks.

Brady, who has significantly stepped up his social media presence in recent years, delivered an all-time response befitting of his status.

Hilarious. A little dig at himself, a little acknowledgement of his rivals’ success, true humor and proof that Tom Brady most likely has played Super Mario 64.

The GOAT indeed.

P.S. – Why, you might ask, is the featured image of Brady on the Patriots – even though he’s no longer on the team? Because its my blog and I’m in denial, dammit. I love you Tommy.

Papa Dom

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