GOTTA DRINK EM’ ALL-Pokemon GO “Pokecrawl” Coming to You Soon.


As I woke up, threw a K-Cup in the Keurig, I went on Twitter and Facebook to see something.. Something spectacular. A Pokemon GO bar crawl. Us over at Wicked Good Gaming are from Boston. So these bars that we go to every week(end) will be filled with Pokemon lovers the weekend of 8/13, dressed to a T in their Pokemon gear. Yeah, the bar will still smell like B.O and yes the floors will still be sticky, but what can you do.. Not to say I’m not excited for this because I haven’t been this excited in a while.


Boston Pokecrawl Here:

boston pokemon bar crawl

But…. That was then. Pokemon GO is now. And this is no game where you can stand in a corner and binge play without anyone bothering you. Now you have to go out and get it. It’s a trainer eat trainer world. There are going to be tons of drunk Bostonian’s running around the streets shitfaced, catching em’ all. As you’re catching em’ all, you know what you can also catch? A mean BUZZ. Plus, we are all kind of gang-banger’s now. Instinct, Mystic, Valor. #TeamValor so there is BEEF on the streets of Boston. This is going to be a war zone and I couldn’t be more ready. *makes hat crooked*

If you aren’t from Boston and want to participate in a Pokecrawl, search on Facebook because I’ve seen tons of people advertising it for different cities/states. And if not, be the change you want to see in the world. Form your own bar crawl in your city/town and go get rowdy.


This bar crawl is going to take place on 8/13/2016 and is going to be hosted by El Tour Events (@ElTourEvents on Twitter), out of Boston.


Get in touch if you guys want to meet up because us over at Wicked Good Gaming, will be there, and be drunk.


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