PlayStation 5 Will Play PS2, PS3, and PS4 Games According To Turkish Retailer

I’ve been finding so much joy in following the back and forth with PlayStation and Xbox. It’s hilarious. Waiting for one another to make a move just to one up it or match it. Well, everyone’s dicks have been hard since they heard about Xbox Series X’s backwards compatibility. Microsoft confirmed 2 days ago that the Series X will be fully backward compatible with Xbox One games as well as all Xbox 360 games that are currently backward compatible on Xbox One.

So it was only right for Sony to give the people something to talk about. Pull the attention back to them. And it was time they dropped the date of the PS5 event, which we now know is June 4th.

With everyone’s mind wondering, we got a little glance at something today. Arguably the biggest online retailer in Turkey, Hepsiburada, posted a page about the PS5.

Don’t worry, I got ya’ll with the translate.

Obviously nothing has been confirmed, but this could be another case of a company being too quick on the draw. Got their dates fucked up or something. But if the PS5 is able to throw is all the way back to the PlayStation 2, that is a giant move for them. A game changer if you will.

Just play video games man.

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