Esports Org Rogue Signs First Professional Tweeter? S8n.

Twitter user @s8n (who is fucking hilarious) has signed with esports organization, Rogue. He is marked as their first professional Tweeter. As someone who spends majority of their day on Twitter, I love this. S8n has 2.4 million followers and tweets fire (no pun intended) that usually goes stupid viral. Rogue is co-owned by Steve Aoki, who is brilliant. And while majority of the internet is scratching their heads, I think it’s safe to say Aoki might be up to something. Something smart. Chess and not checkers.

Oh yea, by the way.. Twitter is now a sport according to Twitter.

The engagement on Twitter is unreal. Especially if you have a sick following. People who will literally support anything you post. With signing a Twitter beast, it’s advertising at the end of the day. Like hiring someone because of their YouTube channel. Or Instagram. But with Twitter, you can’t sell tea to make some extra money. You have be be genuinely funny. With a Twitter following of 2.4 million, s8n has a network of loyal followers, and other big Twitter users.

Twitter is so untapped with advertising potential. And while we don’t necessarily know the price tag on this partnership, it’s definitely worth testing it out.

S8n now has my dream job. Tweeting nonsense. I couldn’t be more jealous.

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