Varsity Fortnite Banned From Kentucky High Schools For Being Too Violent. What…

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has banned Fortnite from all varsity competitions because it is too violent. Sucky news for Kentucky students after PlayVS partnered with Epic Games to announced that Fortnite will officially be a high school and collegiate sport.

“There is no place for shooter games in our schools” Commissioner, Julian Tackett said in an email. And also said:

“I want to personally assure you that we, along with the NFHS Network are proactively taking steps to have this decision reversed,” Tackett said in the email. “There is no place for shooter games in our schools. This announcement was particularly troubling in that it came on the anniversary of one of Kentucky’s darkest days, the Marshall County incident.” … “We did not know about the addition and are strongly against it.”

Julian Tackett

There literally isn’t a less violent video game out right now. You can dress up as a fucking banana, dance, and go fishing. It’s like banning Animal Crossing. There isn’t even blood or gore in Fortnite. So it sounds like you are going to take the new era of sports away from students because of something you don’t know much about. Sad! You’re really proving a point, because these kids that aren’t allowed to play competitively at school, will just go home and play it. Just sucks that aren’t going to be able to compete against other schools like the rest of the world. Awful to see big moves in esports being held back by dumb people.

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