Call of Duty League’s Final Weekend until Major 1: Build the Bank w/ Tiggy (19 Jan)

It’s the beginning of the end here for all Call of Duty League fans as we wind down in the final weekend before Major 1. There’s much at stake as 4 potential teams could be slotted to the 7th and 8th spot, securing them a winners bracket start in the major, leaving the other 2 to resort to an unlikely losers run with the the LA Thieves & Las Vegas Legion on the depths of “need to play better land”. While that’ll sure be interesting stakes, let’s talk about ours.

We’re back on our captions bullshit with this one. Shout out Dom & Dr. Bob for just allowing me to insert my picks at the end of the pod so I can easily clip it on twitch. love those guys…even more than I love the LA Guerrillas taking on the Minnesota ROKKR. We haven’t seen much out of the ROKKR except for map 1 wins. LAG has been improving every time they’ve gone out, and I like their chances to finish ROKKR in the obj maps with ease. The next, and final, leg is OpTic Texas taking on the Heretics of Miami. Miami, who started out hot hot hot, have been looking not not not. They did have an easier schedule when they headed the standings at 3-0 early on. Now they’ve played some tougher competition and are sliding down the mountain. It’s going to be a longer climb as OpTic’s going to know the Spaniards down a little further, and I like them to do it at -1.5 maps. A 3-0 or 3-1 will give us the slate at +190 odds to build our bank. I’m going to continue to be more responsible with the picks, and not just throw hail mary lottos, even if we do get extremely close most of the time.


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