$1.5 Billion “Esports City” in Shanghai Looks Kinda Cool I Guess

Y’know what I just woke up thinking?

“Man, we really need like an entire city dedicated to esports.”

Boom, manifested.

Per CNBC, the venue, named the Shanghai International New Cultural and Creative E-sports Center, has already broken ground… And will cost almost $1 billion USD (5.8 billion yuan). This 500,000 square-meter hub is designed for esports teams and companies to work, play, and stay for extended periods of time. Absolutely wild stuff here.

Shanghai was the host of the League Worlds just late last year, and has already propped itself up as one of the world’s greatest esports cities. With this new facility/city (facili-city? I’m so sorry) arriving in 2024, it might just be solidifying itself as the premiere esports destination on earth.

Papa Dom

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