I’m Actually Too Hungover To Exist But Here’s A Blog Anyway

Holy fucking shit am I in pain.

Couple dollar drafts last night, I ran into Chris completely randomly at the same bar… Absolute chaos ensued. Oh… What? You wanna read about video games? Oh.. Okay.. Uh..

Playstation wants you to name their new bear. It’s a new animated screensaver for the PS4… Twitter has responded appropriately by immediately fusing the word bear with “Harambe” to create the name “Harambear”. No word yet on if Harambear is gonna be the official name.

Anyway, the bear’s got a sick scarf. I’d like to borrow it and tie myself to my couch so that I can resist the urge to go back out tonight and literally make a mess all over again. This blog was awful, I’m sorry. Go name the bear.

I dunno dude.

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