Resident Evil 8 Leaks Keep Coming

I had a blast ruining pair after pair of pants playing through Resident Evil 7 way back in the lonely Chicago days of 2017. I’ve been keeping a close eye on any and all news whenever it comes to new Resident Evil projects. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis HD Remake is due to release in a little over a month. Leak after leak have been pouring out of the investigative communities hinting at what is to come next from Capcom. Hopefully a patch that fixes my fucking corrupted save file for Monster Hunter World. It is more than likely just going to be Resident Evil 8, but I’m fine with anything.

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As previously covered, Capcom sent out invites to their ambassador program for testers on an upcoming, unannounced project last summer leading to wild speculations all across the internet. My hopes are always that Dino Crisis will be revived, but I would also love to see a direct continuation of the mainline Resident Evil franchise. Residence of Evil is one of those dedicated investigators on YouTube that has picked up some newer leaks for what to expect for the next Resident evil game…that won’t be called Resident Evil I guess. I don’t know, Capcom does their own shit but as long as they make quality products and give me my fucking Monster Hunter World character back, I am fine with it.

Biohazard Declassified was tipped off that the previous testing for the ambassador program was in fact for Resident Evil 8. The information relayed states that Ethan, the main dry protagonist from 7 will be returning as well as Chris Redfield to an undisclosed extent. We will be continuing the trend of first person perspective and if you haven’t played 7, you’ll surely find out how much more scary the FPP is compared to the Third Person over the shoulder perspective is for the rest of the franchise. Ethan will be navigating a snowy rural terrain in what appears to be Europe, which just bleeds Resident Evil 4 settings all over again. Zombies are returning in place of the Molded as well as WereWolf like creatures and a shadowy female enemy that follows the player. I am excited to see a full announcement from Capcom so Tinfoil hats we will get more confirmed information at this year’s E3.

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