Shit Just Got Real: Bad Boys 3 Is Officially Happening

Sony’s next installment in the “Bad Boys” franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has been pushed back from its June 2, 2017, release date to Jan. 12, 2018. It’s also received an official title: “Bad Boys for Life.” Joe Carnahan is on board to direct the buddy-cop action comedy, taking over for Michael Bay, who helmed the first two pics.Jerry Bruckheimer is back as producer with plot details currently under wraps. -Variety

How about this news on a fuckin’ casual Thursday huh? I’ve only been waiting for 13 goddamned years to see this happen, and it looks like Sony finally wised up, realized they actually like making money, and greenlit the picture.

Good for Will Smith too, since I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been in a whole bunch of great movies lately. Focus was cool I guess… But the last movie Will Smith was in that I really enjoyed was Hancock – and what was that? 2008? And Martin Lawrence has gotten no love lately in the box offices, seeing as its been a half decade since he’s been in a “major” motion picture, which of course was a “Big Momma’s House” sequel. Riveting.

Anyway, I’m stoked that Bad Boys for Life is actually a thing now. Sony’s gonna strike box office gold wether this movie is as awesome as its predecessors or not, but I’m sure it’ll live up to the hype.

P.S. – If Vargas and Reyes aren’t in BBFL I might riot.

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