Dino Crisis Revival: Life Uh Finds a Way

Just this week Capcom decided to re-up on some of their IP trademarks including Mega Man, Darkstalkers, Power Stone, and most importantly Dino Crisis. Capcom has been an absolute behemoth these past few years with the reinvention of Devil May Cry 5, the massive success of Monster Hunter Worlds, and redefining what a videogame remake should be in Resident Evil 2 HD Remake. News has just been pouring out from Capcom with the recent reveal of Resident Evil 3 HD Remake as well as the 2019 investor report stating their desire to “awaken dormant intellectual properties”.

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What do these trademark filings really mean? At a surface level…jack shit; companies especially in the videogame realm renew their trademarks all of the time in order to maintain IP licenses. However, when you take some of Capcom’s recent statements, add in some mild speculation with their ambassador program, you can reasonably get to Dino Crisis making a return. Capcom recently sent out invites to members of their Resident Evil Ambassador program for testing of an upcoming “unannounced title”. This invite was sent out AFTER the reveal of Resident Evil 3 HD Remake so that should be ruled out. Capcom fans are speculating that this is either going to be for Resident Evil 8, or fingers crossed, Dino Crisis.

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Dino Crisis popped up right in the middle of the late 90’s-early 2000’s survival horror boom that was spearheaded by companies like Capcom and Konami. You place as Spec-Ops agent Regina who is tasked with investigating an island research facility which she then finds to be overrun by dinosaurs. You read all of that right. Dino Crisis is what happens when Resident Evil crosses DNA strands with Jurassic Park, and what we got was a critically and commercially successful survival horror DINOSAUR game. Fans of the franchise have been begging Capcom since Dino Crisis 3 in 2003 for more and we might finally be getting it. My inner 6 year old, bright eyed, ice cream covered face is grinning with glee in the hopes that this next ambassador testing is in fact going to be for a new or remade Dino Crisis game.

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