UFC Fighter Max Holloway Explains How He Used UFC Video Game to Improve IRL on The Joe Rogan Experience

Yup, former UFC Featherweight Champion, Max Holloway blew Joe Rogan’s mind when he told him that he used the UFC video game to improve his real life fighting skills. Holloway says, “I used Renan BarĂ£o and I’d do stuff with them, like “oh yeah, this works in the game. So my friend at the time, Dustin Kimura, he would kinda hold mitts for me, and I’d be like “look, I tried this in the game, and it was working, let’s try it.””

Starts at 1:30

This is awesome. When you spend time watching someone who is good at the game via stream, video, real life or where ever, you learn things and you get better. It’s like watching tape for a sport and re-watching your past games or matches. You take in different things that could have worked, and at the end of the day you see what you can improve on. This is brought to a whole other level now with Max Holloway. This man is in an octagon, fighting toe to toe with another savage with lots of dough on the line. And what does he do? He mixes his training with things he’s learned from a video game to improve his striking. Playing with one of his buddies, and pausing every strike to take notes and implement what happened in real training sessions. So bad ass, and you really love to see it.

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