Vaping Congressman Spends $1300 in Campaign Funds on Steam Games

This is old news but I don’t really care, it is about time that WGG wrote a little sumsum about Mr. Duncan Hunter.

Duncmiester, you gem. First of all, how the FUCK do you spend $1300 on Steam games. Second of all, how did you not expect to get caught? Third of all, get a little more creative with your excuse. 4th of all, why are you not on our podcast? Any-who.. the whole “blame the son” thing is too played out. Come up with something cool and not an excuse that you could use after being too lazy to lift the toilet seat and pissing all over it.

After a tough day at the office my boy Duncachino goes home, spends a couple hundred on the most ridiculous games, fills up his vape with his favorite pastry flavored nicotine juice, turns the lights down and gets after it. Own that Duncan. Don’t give your son the credit of being the biggest swinging dick in the courtroom.

Does this look like the face of a vaping congressman who spent $1300 of campaign funds on Steam games and then blamed it on his son? You bet your ass it does

Oh it’s my turn? Hol’ up, lemme take a puff of this strawberry mango cheesecake¬†

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