Puma’s Gaming Socks Are Outrageous

Puma has released a pair of “socks” to appeal to the gamer and they’re disguised under the umbrella of “active gaming footwear” Right now these “socks” are retailing for around £80.00 in the U.K and Australia (which would be around $105). They are not yet available in the US. Thank God because i’d move.

Let’s take a little look at the product story, features & benefits, and details shown on Puma’s site.

OH PUMA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING SOCKS WITH GAMERS IN MIND. Because everyone was asking for a fucking sock to wear to play video games so they can “adapt to different active gaming modes”. And the nerve for Puma to give the “sock” different modes. Seek, Attack, and Cruise and Defense, are all modes that this sock can lock into. What a crock of shit. This the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

These socks are like the glove-shoes you wear to the gym. Like ok, I get you take this serious, but I can’t take you serious wearing those, and to be honest.. you kind of scare me. I don’t even want to be near you and I’ll throw the game and or tournament if I see you in these atrocious, $100, SOCKS.

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