Mizkif Says He Turned Down a $600,000 Org Offer To Stay With His Friends

Last night, streamer Miskif was asked “is OTK a long play for your streaming career for an exit/solid financial safety?” He then admitted to his chat that he was offered $600,000 to join an organization for two years, which he did not accept.

His reasoning for it is

“I got offered $600,000 to be in an org for 2 years. And I turned it down. The reason I turned it down is… i’m not being paid to be in this org (OTK) in the slightest. The reason I’m in this org (OTK) is because I like my friends, and I wanna grow with my friends.. I don’t want to join an org, run ads, make money and go to bed.”

Mifkif is a co-founder of One True King (OTK) along side Asmongold, Rich Campbell, Esfand, and TipsOut.

That’s a boat load of coin. And for Miz to shoot that down to continue growing OTK with his boys, is beautiful. To some people it might be confusing. To me it is too, but I can’t help but respect it.

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