Nintendo Toys Are Back At Burger King, Local Blogger About To Purchase 30 Kids Meals

Listen, I’m over here, making money hand over fist on the stock market – and nothing in life has really grabbed my attention as of yet that screams “spend money on me!” since I came into this windfall thanks to AMC and Gamestop.

That is, until now. Because starting today through March 15th, participating Burger Kings in North America will include one of six different toys inspired by Nintendo Switch games.

Wooooooooo baby! You all know Papa loves his burgers.

When you were a kid, was there literally anything better than opening your fast food bag, dumping everything out on the plastic tray that 30 kids had already probably wiped their snot on that day, and shredding open the cellophane encasing your greasy plastic prize with your hands and teeth?

Let me answer that one for you – absolutely the fuck not.

Not for nothing, but when I was a kid I had a damn near HEART ATTACK whenever gaming-related toys came to a fast food joint. It just didn’t happen. Now, every couple of years, we see a Nintendo or Sega promo at Wendy’s or BK. You love to see it.

Personally, I can’t wait until we get esports team toys included in happy meals. A little Nadeshot or HECZ action figured included with a 4 piece chicken nugget with apple slices? No brainer business move.

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