The Internet Can’t Decide If It’s Okay To Talk About The Insomniac Breach Or Not

In case you missed it, yesterday there was a massive ransomware-fueled data breach over at Insomniac Games.

Heaps of information regarding upcoming games, confidential contracts, studio timelines, and even employee personal information has now been made public… Some outlets – namely Kotaku, IGN, and Polygon – did not hesitate to cover the details of the breach and the previously confidential information that was spread around the internet. Others, like Gamespot and Game Informer, released public statements that they would not be covering the situation due to the human element of the breach. But the conversation regarding coverage has already devolved into… You guessed it… DISCOURSE!!!

Here’s a few lowlights:

Who’s that handsome guy!?

As you can see, this has already somehow devolved into a console war discussion, as many people are saying that “because it’s Insomniac” the industry is rallying around them. Many were also quick to point out the double standard from Grand Theft Auto VI’s leak just a few weeks ago, Xbox’s leaks earlier this year, and many other similar situations in which coverage was not handled the same way.

And yes, by all means, the coverage and conversation around it is a massive double standard. I don’t think this has anything to do with the consoles that Insomniac’s titles mainly go to (PlayStation), but I do think the fact that a very significant HUMAN impact was a part of this ransomware attack is more of the reason why folks are hesitant to cover this in the same way that GTA VI’s trailer leak was covered. Nobody’s personal livelihoods were impacted by GTA’s trailer leaking – but HUNDREDS of people’s lives WILL be impacted for years to come depending on what kind of personal information was made public as a result of Sony failing to pay the hacker group responsible for this breach.

That’s. About. It.

Yes there’s a double standard happening. Yes people need to focus less on being “first” and more on their own integrity. Yes, all of you do need to take a niiiiiice leap down off your high horses. People’s lives are impacted, that’s all that matters. Shut up please.

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