Jonas Neubauer, Greatest Tetris Player of All Time, Dies At 39

According to his Twitter account, Jonas Neubauer has tragically and suddenly passed away at the age of 39.

Once referred to by Engadget as an “Esports Elder” who defied age, Neubauer helped make competitive Tetris what it is today, and leaves behind an incredible legacy as a seven-time Tetris World Champion.

“I’ve never really considered my age in competing,” Neubauer said, “because I don’t think it was brought up a lot. It was only recently, when the younger [Tetris] players came in, that people started talking about the older and younger crowd. So, I think that’s actually contributed to my success. If I always thought of myself as older, I feel like I would go into each tournament with a different, almost defeated mental state.”

The esports elders defying their age, Engadget

In a profile for Vice in late 2018, Adam Cornelius (organizer of the Classic Tetris World Championship) repeatedly praised Neubauer, stating “For 362 days of the year, Neubauer may be a regular guy who wakes up late and works at a bar. But during the CTWC tournament, he’s the most respected man in the room.”

Jonas Neubauer didn’t just want to win, he strove to elevate the competitive Tetris scene by sharing his playbook and style with the rest of the community.

“You can’t grow something when you have the same dude [winning] the tournaments each year. I want to equip people with a more confident and stronger game so they can continue to come in every year and look forward to it.”

Jonas Neubauer, “This Bartender Is Secretly The Greatest Tetris Player In The World”, Vice

From the way grew the game and the scene, to how he set a precedent and example for pros of all ages, backgrounds, and sports, and how he was just a great person to begin with… Jonas Neubauer was, in no uncertain terms, a true legend.

He will be sorely mourned and missed by the Tetris and esports community, and I want to offer my deepest condolences to those closest to him in such an unthinkable time.

Thank you for everything, Jonas.

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