Nintendo ‘Switch Pro’ Rumors and Leaks Are Heating Up With Latest Firmware Datamine

According to SciresM, an experienced console hacker and dataminer, the Nintendo Switch Pro might not be as unrealistic as some may think.

To hear Nintendo tell it, the Nintendo Switch family is currently (and as far as we know, forever) limited to the original Switch, and the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, the most recent firmware version may have given up a few hints about the future of the console line.

Several blogs have picked up this story by now, but SciresM’s datamine of the firmware mentions an upgraded Switch console codenamed “Aula”. This mystery hardware allegedly uses the same Mariko (Tegra X1+) SoC chip that is currently being used in other Switch consoles, but would be clocked higher for superior performance.

This hardware allegedly would also include support for 4K OLED displays – and just a few months ago Nintendo themselves asked developers for 4K-ready games.

According to Twitter, SciresM has dispelled certain rumors claiming that some writeups haven’t put his information in the correct context and misrepresent it, so the jury’s still out on whether or not these leaks mean anything.

Aren’t rumors fun?

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