Silent Hill Games w/ an S Incoming

You read that correctly. It has recently been leaked that there isn’t just one but two possible Silent Hill games currently in the works for Konami. This information has been leaked by AestheticGamer stating that 2 years back Konami reached out to other developers to get working on another entry into the franchise as well as an episodic Tell-Taleesque adventure game. Following the departure of Kojima from Konami and the ultimate death of what could have been the best survival horror game in Silent Hills, we all thought the franchise was abandoned.

Konami stayed silent (all pun intended) for the most part disappointing everyone with the dumpster fire that was Metal Gear Survive and turning every other major IP into shitty pachinko machines. This is massive news seeing as though the last two main titles Silent Hill Homecoming and Silent Hill Downpour released to poor reception across the board. Hey maybe Konami sucked it up and reached out, olive branch in hand, to Kojima Productions begging for him to make a game for them people actually wanted to play. It is safe to say we’d all love to see what Kojima was going to do with Silent Hills, but let me know what other developers you’d like to see work with the Silent Hill IP.

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