Kojima Hints at Return to Horror Games.

Hideo Kojima has been considered one of the greatest videogame auteurs of all time by creating one of the most highly recognized and acclaimed franchises in Metal Gear Solid. Personally, I could never get into the games because in all honesty, they made no fucking sense to me whatsoever and if I wanted to play games from a franchise with convoluted stories, I’d just play Final Fantasy. Kojima did however catch my eye with the limited release of P.T aka Playable Teaser on PS3 back in 2014. P.T took the gaming industry, Youtube let’s plays, and the internet by storm as being one of the deepest breaths of fresh air in horror gaming in years, all packaged into a single looping hallway.

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I distinctly remember sitting in my cousin’s room watching Youtuber’s attempt to play through to the ending, having to pause for palette cleanse breaks every 10 minutes because it was so pants shittingly terrifying. We soon found out P.T was actually a sneak peek at a future Silent Hills game being designed by Kojima alongside horror movie legend Guillermo del Toro with the main protagonist being played by veteran actor, Norman Reedus. The stars were aligning and everything was poised to create an amazing horror game, bringing the long lost Silent Hill franchise back into the limelight until Konami forced Kojima out of their offices in a not so amicable manner.

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This inevitably led to the creation of the new development studio, Kojima Productions and their first release to the mixed reception of Death Stranding. In typical professional fashion, Kojima wanted to move right onto his next set of projects mentioning his desire to create full fledged movies and also hinting at getting back into horror games. He took to Twitter to announce he was aiming to create the scariest horror game of all time and would be taking influence from Thai horror movies such as The Eye. With his connections in every avenue of modern culture, I am positive that Kojima will create a masterpiece in horror gaming especially with Guillermo del Toro at his side.

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